mercredi 9 décembre 2009

Mon premier cake !

Curiously a French cake is not round and sweet, not the least as theatrical as a cake could usually be these days ... Le cake is a loaf, and is usually savoury that could be a light dish itself accompanied by a salad.

Toujours tendre et moelleux, le cake est un compagnon fidèle et toujours séduisant (Cakes, muffins et cie, Elle à Table) The companionable Cake is always tender and mellow, faithfully indulgent and seducing.

The joy of making something unexpected that I have never tasted before is immense. Voici mon premier cake - Cake garni d'olives, mimolette et jambon aux herbes !
A cheese of Van Gogh still life...
La mimolette (boule de Lille) is a salmon coloured cheese (from the natural colorant annatto), originally requested by Louis XIV to make a French cheese ressembling the Dutch Edam (but having it tinted orange in disguise!). So in the absence of Mimolette, Edam can be used but chances are that the cake would not be as colourful with the speckled olive and parsley green, ham and orange mimolette amid the yellowy pastry !
La pâte : The astuce to evenly distribute the garnishing is, above all, to imagine a cut slice of dotted rainbow cake... but a terrine is indispensible to prepare the pastry with the garnishing before pouring the whole into un moule à cake, the traditional loaf tin.
Everyday délice, le cake is so simple and easy that one can bake them on a whim. All that's needed is nothing more than a sieve, a whisk, a bowl and ingredients that can usually at hand to turn out this sweetness with fine, pound-cakish texture and commendable keeping qualities (can be nibbled all week long).

A Slice of Heaven ~ Dedans ? This is one of the 2 miniature loaves (the other I devoured straight from the oven, something I usually do !). Three days from its making it's still a délice... with a difffernt, mellow feel, from the tangy oven hot (but that if desired could be refreshed in seconds to a minute in the microwave). And my big cake was given ^_~ !
La Recette (proposée par Elle à table et photo à droite)
250g flour (Francine farine de blé Gâteaux used)
100ml* whole milk (fresh milk used)
5 eggs (free ranged eggs from Brittany used)
160g butter melted (beurre d'Isigny Ste-Mère used)
3 tbsp strong mustard (2 tbsp of Moutard à l'Ancienne de Dijon used)
100g mimolette (12 month old Mimolette used)
1/2 bouquet of flat leaf parsley
200g jambon aux herbes (italian Vismarrosto ham with herbs used)
125g pitted olives (4 kinds of olives used - italian green olives stuffed with almond, and with goat cheese, greek green olives, and french black olives)
salt and pepper

*if you ever come across French recipes (or french crèmes for example), the liquids are measured in cl. (abbrev of centilitres...) while c. (usually c. de café ou c. de soupe) are the spoonfuls (cuillerées)...
La Cuisson
1 hr - I used one traditionally seamed (much better !) 15cm loaf tin (15cm x 10cm x 7 cm which is smaller than usual) and 2 mini loaves (would make elegantly cocktail bite size cake - and small is beautiful! ) in 9cm x 6cm x 4cm loaf tins (not easy to find !)
If not, the recipe should be tailored for a 20-cm traditional loaf tin (always choose the traditionally makes a handsomer trapezium shaped cake) i.e. 20cm x 11.5cm x 7cm


Attention délicate to exactitude and a little imagination (myself i've been first imspired by a handsome slice of terrine served on board of the Glacier Express train, in Manuela Darling-Gansser's Winter in the Alps - Food by the Fireside) are key to a triumphant cake in a first try !

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