lundi 15 février 2010

Délices de fête du printemps

Mes Sélections de fête du printemps en ville...
Sugar rings
Rose petaled and coconut flavoured sugar cane pudding
(from Xi Yan Flavours, Elements) 
The new year pudding recipes are often Inspired by the spring blossoms and fruits.
on a bough of "Mei" (plum) blossoms (Nanjing, China) !!

osthmanthus-scented sugar pudding & mandarine

  Taro and chinese sausage pudding
Radish Pudding (from Xi Yan Flavours)
Sweet rice dumplings with Black Sesame paste
(from Bistro Manchu, Elgin Street, along Mid Levels Escalators)
In midst of fragrance and blossoms (Wuxi, Jiangsu, China)
Venez les déguster avec moi !

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